Protecting the ecological health of the Margaret River

Nature Conservation's 'Conserve the Margaret River' Program aims to protect the ecological health of the Margaret River in a number of ways:

Nature Conservation is collaborating with the Shire of Augusta Margaret River, government agencies and indigenous custodians to prepare a strategy to protect the ecological health of the Margaret River. The protection strategy will identify the key actions necessary to address the environmental issues facing the river and establish a collaborative framework for implementation involving key organisations with management roles and responsibilities. In the first instance an over-arching protection strategy will be prepared by June 2018. Community consultation and further detailed planning will occur over the following 12 months.

In parallel Nature Conservation continues to update detailed action planing for the foreshore of the Margaret River. A review of the Margaret River Action Plan (2003) and and Ecological Linkages in the Margaret River Agricultural Zone Project (2016) has recently been undertaken and a Margaret River Foreshore Reserve Action Plan for the river foreshore between town to coast is currently being prepared on behalf of the Shire of Augusta Margaret River. The scope of this planning work is to provide a detailed description of the current condition of the foreshores of the Margaret River and make recommendations on the management required to ensure the values, attributes and functions of the Margaret River reserves are protected and conserved.

Nature Conservation also continues its annual program of targeted on ground action to build resilience in the foreshores of the Margaret River. Informed by the action planning described above, Nature Conservation delivers a program of weed control and revegetation in partnership with the Shire of Augusta Margaret River.

The 2018 blackberry control has recently been completed along the full length of the Margaret River foreshore reserve. The 2018 arum lily control program will commence in July and control for other priority species is ongoing. Weed control along in the Margaret River foreshore reserve is funded through contributions from the Shire of Augusta Margaret River and the Water Corporation, and supplemented by State and Federal grants.

Current revegetation work funded by the National Landcare Program via the South West Catchments Council is now in its 3rd year. Two rounds of planting has been completed at 4 sites in the upper catchment of the Margaret River and one strategic site on a tributary. One round of planting has also been undertaken on 3 sites on the lower Margaret River in areas where successful arum lily control has been undertaken.

Project Officer:  Genevieve Hanran Smith