The Nature Conservation reports and publications cover the following categories:
About Nature Conservation MRR
Conservation Guidance
Planning & Research

About Nature Conservation

  • Nature Conservation 2016-17 Annual Report

    Nature Conservation's 2016-17 Annual Report outlines the organisation's key achievements and financial results for the year ending 30 June 2017.

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  • Nature Conservation E-brochure

    An introduction to Nature Conservation with a brief summary of its philosophies, programs to protect the environment and the people directing its activities

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  • Cape to Cape Catchments Group 2016 Annual Report

    Nature Conservation's 2015-16 Annual Report ( previously Cape to Cape Catchments Group) outlines achievements and financial results for the financial year ending 30 June 2016

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  • Nature Conservation Rules of Association

    The Rules of Association which establishes Nature Conservation Margaret River Region Inc and governs its operations as approved by the Western Australia Department of Commerce on 2 May 2017


Environmental & Conservation Guidance

  • MyHoodie

    A guide to the amazing lives of breeding Hooded Plovers by Birdlife Australia


  • Converting dams to Living Wetlands

    This guide provides helpful hints on how to design and revgetate farm dams to function as a living wetland within the landscape.

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  • Plant This Instead

    This brochure provides a list of Australian natives local to the region suitable for planting in urban gardens.

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  • Weed It Out

    This brochure provides a list of plants which should be removed from urban gardens and replaced with local natives.

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  • Woody Weeds of the Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin Region

    This guide provides identification and control information for woody weed species found in the Margaret River region.

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  • Weed Alert in the Capes region

    This guide provides information on widespread and emerging environmental weed to look out for in the Margaret River region.

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  • A Guide to Arum Lilly Control

    A comprehensive guide to identification, control and monitoring of the introduced environment weed arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica).

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  • Guide To Fox and Feral Cat Control

    An information kit providing landowners and managers with guidance on controlling Fox and Feral Cat populations.

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  • Fire and Biodiversity Landholder Information Kit 

    An information kit providing landowners and managers with guidance on conducting controlled burns - how planning and management can be used to conserve plants and animals for the various habitat types of the region

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  • Flora and Fauna of the Cape to Cape Region – Monitoring Guide

    A comprehensive listing of plants and animals found in the Margaret River region, with useful information on local plant species that will attract wildlife, and guidance on how to monitor to record environmental change.

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Planning & Research

  • Aquatic fauna refuges in Margaret River and the Cape to Cape region

    The latest research findings from researchers at Murdoch University's Freshwater Fish Group and Fish Health Unit on the aquatic biodiversity of the Margaret River and the Cape to Cape region.

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  • The Scary Hairy Decline

    A case study of the critically endangered Margaret River Hairy Marron and conservation action being undertaken to protect this species from extinction.

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  • Identifying Engaewa and Crayfish (Provided)

    An easy guide to identification of various common and threatened crustaceans in the Margaret River region.

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  • Protecting Aquatic Biodiversity in the Cape to Cape Region

    This brochure details the freshwater fish and crustacean found in the Margaret River Region and their conservation status.

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  • Capes Regional Environmental Weed Strategy

    This Strategy provides direction for management of environment weeds within the Margaret River region including prioritization of both widespread and emerging weeds and recommendations for improved coordination of weed management activities.

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  • Strategic Plan for Protecting the Aquatic Biodiversity of the Capes Region

    Prepared by researchers at the Freshwater Fish Group at Murdoch University in 2012 this strategic plan provides a comprehensive review of the knowledge of freshwater fish and crustacean species in the Margaret River region.

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