Giant Light Steps toward collective responsibility for environmental well-being

An exciting initiative has been taken by an alliance of many sectors of our community to form an environmental stewardship alliance, termed Giant Light Steps. Giant Light Steps is bringing together key industry groups, government and community, to share responsibility for the future well-being of the Margaret River region’s environment. The Foundation Members of the alliance are Nature Conservation Margaret River Region, Shire of Augusta Margaret River, Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association, Margaret River Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Transition Margaret River, South West Catchments Council.

The name Giant Light Steps refers to each of our key economic and community sectors addressing their responsibilities for environmental stewardship while working together to tackle collective responsibilities for landscape-wide challenges. There is recognition throughout our community and by our local government, businesses and major industries like tourism that the region’s social and economic future will be determined by our ability to manage our environmental challenges. We know that there is no other ‘environment life-guard on duty’.

The Giant Light Steps alliance creates a round-table where the member groups are encouraged and supported to individually and collectively make demonstrably effective contributions towards regional conservation. Giant Light Steps is a vehicle to help drive important conservation efforts by galvanising the support, influence and energy of the broad community. It is a means of achieving effective conservation in our region by:
• Helping to bring the community together;
• Harnessing skills, energy and resources that would not otherwise be available;
• Providing a louder ‘voice’ for conservation in the MR region, both within the region and to other influential parties outside the region;
• Profoundly elevating knowledge and awareness of conservation and environment as one of the key issues for the social and economic wellbeing of the region;
• Providing channels through which like-minded people can each play a part;
• Co-ordinating and prioritising efforts to maximize success.